Millennial Judgment


I have been studying, and teaching through the Revelation. Some things aren’t tracking well for me in Chapters 20-22. In Chapter 20:13 we are told the sea gives up the dead that were in it at the GWT judgment. The GWT judgment appears to happen at the end of the Millennium. How can there be any dead in the sea at that point as there appears to be no accidental deaths during the Millennium, and the judgment at Jesus’ 2nd coming is when the sea dead will be judged? The judgment sequences are very confusing. Can you please shed light on these for me?


According to Rev. 20:7 the Great White Throne judgment will take place at the end of the Millennium. The unsaved dead from all ages will be resurrected to face their final judgment at that time (Rev. 20:12). As I understand them, the judgments at the 2nd coming (Matt. 24:45-25:46) are only for unbelievers who are alive at the time, having survived the Great Tribulation.

Whether or not there are accidental deaths during the millennium is a matter of speculation, since the Bible makes no reference to this. But there have been accidental deaths throughout the age of man, so I don’t see why the Millennium would be any different.