What About Tribulation And Millennial Saints?


Since the Bema will have already been passed, where is the judgment for Tribulation & Millennium saints? I think it must be the Great White Throne, but so many teach that that is only for unbelievers. What do you think?


First let me say it’s quite possible that the Bema Seat judgment, which appears to be more like an awards ceremony, is unique to the church. There’s no mention of anything similar for Old Testament saints. Nor does the Bible describe such a thing for Tribulation and Millennial saints.

But there is a hint that the Great White Throne judgment will involve more than just the unsaved dead. Speaking of that judgment Rev. 20:15 says, “If anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life he was thrown into the lake of fire.”

By definition the names of the unsaved dead would not be written in the book of life. Why would the Lord have John even mention it unless there will also be some there whose names are written in the book? These could be tribulation and millennial believers.

The fact that the Bible leaves much unsaid about life in the millennium leads me to speculate that a third testament will be given to millennial believers, just like a second testament was given to Church age believers. And like the New Testament has done for us, this third testament would guide believers in understanding and living their faith during the millennium. I think it would likely include the requirements for eternal life as well as describing their translation from mortal to immortal in preparation for eternity.