Satan, The Church, and Tribulation Saints


Matt. 16:18 says the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. And yet we see that the anti-Christ will prevail against the tribulation saints.

Christians have been killed for the last 2000 years and trib saints will be killed during Daniels 70th week, so it seems that the words “will prevail against the saints” is not to mean prevailed by physical death. So what is really meant by, the anti-christ will prevail against the saints? What would the difference be between the bride and trib saints pertaining to the word “Prevail”?


In Matt.16:18 the Greek word translated prevail is different from the Greek word in Rev. 13:7 which is actually translated overcome, or conquer. The two words are slightly different in meaning. Think of it this way. While the gates of Hell will not prove stronger than the Church, Satan will have the power to conquer tribulation believers.