Tribulation Saints


I have a question about your study of Revelation 7. In the last 4 paragraphs you talk about the tribulation saints having a privileged existence in eternity, but yet you mention that they will not sit on a throne at the side of their beloved and will not share in God’s inheritance. Can you explain this further? This is really interesting.


The destiny of Tribulation Saints is different from that of the Church, and Rev. 7:15-17 explains this. It says they’ll be before the Throne of God and will serve Him day and night in His Temple. But notice they are not called priests.

Also, His Temple will be on Earth, not in the New Jerusalem where the Church will reside. In fact Rev. 21:22 says there won’t be a Temple in the New Jerusalem at all.

But God Himself will see to their well-being and will wipe every tear from their eyes. And Jesus will be their shepherd, leading them to springs of living water.

As I said, theirs will be a privileged existence, but nowhere does it refer to them as Kings and Priests, or as the Bride of Christ, seated with Him in the Heavenly realms.