Who Are The Tribulation Saints?


Please clarify who the Tribulation Saints are. If I understand you, at the Rapture, God will turn His attention from the gentiles back to the Hebrews. Does this mean the Tribulation Saints will all be Jewish, that the Gentiles have missed the boat so to speak?

Thank you so much for sharing your considerable knowledge with your readers. May God continue to bless you.


After the cross, God divided humanity into 3 parts where before there had only been two. Instead of just Jews and Gentiles, now there was also the Church. (1 Cor. 10:32) After the Church is gone in the Rapture there will only be Jews and Gentiles again. Many from both groups will come to know Jesus during the Great Tribulation and will be martyred for their faith, and these are often referred to as Tribulation Saints. (Actually it would be more correct to call them Tribulation Martyrs.)

But some from the Jews who are saved will survive to populate Israel in the Millennium, and some from the believing Gentiles will survive to populate the Nations. Since they will have been saved during the Great Tribulation they are really Tribulation Saints too, although most only use the phrase in connection with the martyrs.

Unbelievers who survive the Great Tribulation will be taken away after the 2nd Coming and will be seen no more.