More On The Tribulation Saints


In your “Times of the Gentiles and Fullness of the Gentiles” piece, you stated at the end that the Tribulation Saints “don’t belong to the Church”. Forgive me, but I’d like to understand where they belong. I’m certain I must have missed or overlooked some teaching on them.


Tribulation Saints are in a separate group from the Church. We know this from Rev. 7:9-17. First, they arrive in Heaven some time after the rapture and John, the Apostle most closely associated with the Church doesn’t know who they are. And while they serve God in His Temple day and night they are never called priests. In that way, they’re like the martyrs in Rev. 20:4 who reign with the Lord but are never called kings. I believe both groups are part of a second level of administration that assists the Church in the Millennial Kingdom.