More On Millennial Saints


Many times I’ve been told that there are 3 groups of Saints. But I come up with 4 groups; Old Testament, Church, Tribulation, and those that come out of the Millennium. Can you give me your thoughts on this as I’m having trouble providing scripture to back me up.


Most scholars point to only three groups of saints, Old Testament, Church and Tribulation. Obviously, there will be some who come to faith during the Millennium. But since the phrase Millennial Saints does not appear in the Bible, they are not included among the others.

Other than the fact that it will exist, we actually know very little about the Millennium. Most of that is found in the Old Testament and concerns Israel. We don’t know how people from the nations will be saved, or how they’ll live their lives. I’ve speculated in the past that perhaps a third testament will be written for the Kingdom Age, just as a second testament was written for the Church Age.