Missing The Point On Tithing


You said in article on the tithe: The Lord views 10% of our increase as belonging to Him. (Leviticus 27:30) Just want to point out that ‘increase’ means what it says, and it doesn’t mean giving 10% of ones entire earnings! Also, God was addressing the bad attitudes of the priests  and it was the priests who with held some of the tithes from the storehouse.

A possible rendering of ‘and this whole nation’, could refer to the tithes that were with held ‘from the whole nation’ –meaning from the people who were intended to benefit from them. I know that tithes in the storehouse were not there just for the benefit of the priests, but also for the poor & destitute who needed a meal, etc.!

So, how can you and so many other preachers/teachers abuse this word by saying the NT demands a tenth of all ones’ earnings, and not just the ‘increase’ as God’s word states? And, how can you say the NT believers are commaned to tithe? Show me one verse in the NT that clearly says so; and don’t send me verses tat I know speak only about offerings! IN fact there’s only 1 NT verse that makes reference to the tithe in Hebrews, about Melchizedek and how Abraham paid tithes through him.


In the first place, the word increase is mine, it isn’t contained in Leviticus 27:30-32 where the Lord said that a tithe on everything from the harvest was due to Him. Second, where does it say that the New Testament made the Old Testament null and void? In Matt 23:23 the tithe is mentioned as still being in force.

But more importantly, by your questions I can see that you’ve missed the whole point of tithing. If you’re giving to fulfill a commandment, you’re doing it for the wrong reason and are defeating the purpose. You should be giving out of gratitude for what you’ve been given, and the Lord will reward this by giving to you with the same measure you use in giving to Him. (Luke 6:38)

He established 10% as the minimum standard and never repealed it. Why would anyone fight for the right to give the minimum or less, knowing that He promised to respond in like manner. Give as much or little as you like. But remember, stingy, resentful givers are only short changing themselves. The Lord loves cheerful and generous givers and blesses them accordingly. (2 Cor. 9:7,11)