More 2012 Follow Up

Q. You have become one of my favorite people to read.  Your article on 8/29-2012…The End Of The World was both exciting and scary. I thought you tempered it well, as you always do, so I am not going to sit on the roof in 2012, but I had a thought this morning that raised a question.

A. If Rev. 6:12-14 were to be fulfilled in 2012 and the sixth seal was broken, I am wondering how the time line would fit with Ezekiel 39:9-10, where Israel would be seven years using the fuel from the Gog-Magog war. Since the tribulation will be only seven years, and so many other things have to happen during that time, do you see that everything could fit into these next three years, and still allow time for Israel to have the seven years to burn that fuel? I had the idea that this war would occur before the last week of Daniel, and that we would be into that week by the time the sixth seal was broken.I am not challenging your article, rather I am always looking to see ways that these prophecies could be fulfilled. I would appreciate your insights.

A. I believe the seven years Israel spends burning the weapons from the Battle of Ezekiel will transpire during Daniel’s 70th week.  But remember in my article I said I wasn’t trying to tie any of the 2012 events to specific prophecies but rather show the similarity between Bible prophecy and secular prediction.

That said, I have speculated in the past on the probability that the dual magnetic polar reversal could indeed fulfill the 6th seal judgment.  In that case, then Daniel’s 70th week would have to have begun prior to that time.  From my understanding of Matt. 24:34 and Psalm 90:10 it appears that all end time events including the 2nd coming will have to happen by around 2018.  If so then the 2012 time for the 6th seal is a realistic approximation.

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