More About The Trinity


Does each member of the Trinity have different attributes? Like as in is God the Father the most powerful? Did OT Jesus, earthly Jesus, earthly resurrected Jesus, and now heavenly Jesus have different Godly attributes? Growing up, I always prayed to Jesus, but I learned we are told to pray to God the Father. Do you imagine/envision God the Father in some sort of way when you pray? God the Father is an invisible spirit? Is that correct?


It’s clear that each member of the Trinity has accepted a different role, and that Jesus and the Holy Spirit submit to the Father’s authority. But I believe they all share the same attributes, since they are all one.

While He was on Earth, Jesus set aside His personal powers and worked as a man through the power of the Holy Spirit. He did this to show us that through the power of the Holy Spirit we could do the same things He did (John 14:12).

As for only praying to the Father, I disagree. In John 14:13-14 Jesus said we can ask Him for anything and He will do it to bring glory to the Father. He repeated this in John 15:7. In John 16:23 He said the Father will give us whatever we ask in Jesus’ name. This tells me that we can pray to either the Father or the Son.

I am not aware of visualizing any image of God or Jesus when I pray. To me this would come close to creating an image of God, which is a violation of the commandment (Exodus 20:4). Jesus said God is Spirit (John 4:24) and I believe that makes Him invisible to us in our current state. I am aware of sometimes visualizing the person or object I’m praying about.