Regarding The Trinity


Regarding the concept of the Trinity, I wish to ask, whats the appropriate way to attempt understanding? Is this an issue that we wont truly understand as long as we are in the flesh? Ive heard of 2 ‘explanations’ of the Trinity, and Id like to know how you see it. The first view was that there is One God, and He has 3 functions, like you are one person but you function as someone’s son, someone’s husband, someone’s father etc. The other view was there are 3 Personages, yet united, like in the government there are the 3 branches, executive, judicial, and legislative … all are still government, yet distinct branches. I can see the logic in both views but they can’t both be right. Help?


Your examples are as good as others I’ve heard, such as the egg. It has shell, white, and yolk, but it takes all three to make one egg.

The problem people have understanding the Trinity is that one member can be somewhere doing one thing while other members are somewhere else doing something else at the same time, and yet they are one. For instance, the Father is the Son, but while the Son was on Earth He was praying to the Father in Heaven.

Since the Bible never explains the Trinity, we’re not expected to understand it. But since the Bible teaches the Trinity, we are expected to believe it.