More On Ezekiel 38 And Psalm 83


First and foremost, a HUGE THANK YOU for your dedication and AMAZING web site! I tell everyone who will listen to me about your site. I’m like many of your other readers who read the questions and answers daily. When I miss a day, I have to catch up on what I’ve missed as I don’t want to miss one single question/answer, not to mention your feature articles.

I have a question and would really appreciate your thoughts. It appears that all is getting quickly set for the Ezekiel 38 war NOW, with the big exception of peace in Israel. I can’t get over how quickly prophecy is moving fast-forward every single day, especially since the change in the oval office. To me, it seems more like the world is preparing for the Ezekiel 38 war rather than the Psalm 83 war, but I could be missing something.

I read on your web site that Psalm 83 doesn’t specifically say there will be a war with those countries, and you gave some other possibilities, but the surrounding countries are certainly just as much a threat to Israel as those listed for the Ezekiel 38 war.

Also, I’m wondering whether you still think a Psalm 83 war is imminent with several years in between the Ezekiel 38 war. The way things are moving, I can’t IMAGINE there are SEVERAL years left before the Ezekiel 38 war.


As we see preparations for Ezekiel 38 dominating the headlines, I think it tells us that Psalm 83 is even closer. Remember, Ezekiel 38 requires that Israel be living in a perceived state of peace. That won’t happen until Hamas, Hizbollah, Lebanon and Syria are no longer threats. And since Ezekiel didn’t mention them, it stands to reason that they’ll be neutralized first. I think that’s what’s being described in Psalm 83.

Since Psalm 83 doesn’t come right out and say Israel’s neighbors will be defeated in battle, it is possible that they could make the threat go away with a peace treaty of some kind. If so it would have to hold through Ezekiel’s battle and the Palestinians would have to agree to give back the area between Jerusalem and Jericho to provide the burial ground that Ezekiel 39:11 calls for.

There only has to be sufficient time between the two battles for Israel to become convinced that peace has finally arrived and they can relax. Because as you know, they’re described as a peaceful and unsuspecting people in Ezekiel 38:11.