More On Forgiveness


I know Jesus tells us to forgive others – many many times over. But when I forgive, I also tend to let my guard down and Always end up hurt again. This is a close family member who seems to go out of her way just to say or do something hurtful to me. Is there a way to forgive “smartly”, or am I required to open myself up to be hurt every time? Thank you for your dedication to our Savior. God bless you and your ministry.


After you’ve forgiven someone who has hurt you, you are not required to leave yourself open for further hurt. If some one around you continues to take advantage of your forgiving nature then the best thing to do after you’ve forgiven the person is keep your distance. If the Lord has specifically called you to minister to this person, He will insulate you from further hurt by investing you with a spirit of grace toward the person. This will be the sign that you are called to maintain the relationship.