More On The Gap Theory


Do you believe in the Gap Theory? If not, how do you explain dinosaurs and other fossils that are millions of years old. Also I believe in Jeremiah they talk about the earth being destroyed in a previous age. Isaiah talks about how Lucifer was God’s favorite and blessed angel before pride got in the way. Please give reasons for whether you believe or not. Thanks for all your insight, I’ve learned a lot from you.


I accept the Gap Theory as it was originally proposed. And that is that the most literal translation of Genesis 1:2 is “But the earth became formless and void” rather than “and the Earth was formless and void.” This allows for the creation of angels and the judgment of Lucifer prior to the beginning of the Creation account in Genesis 1:3. A long gap of time between verses 2 and 3 while the Earth lay in darkness as a result of the judgment (and darkness was on the face of the deep) also reconciles the evidence for an old Earth with the Biblical claim of a young civilization without contradicting the 6 Day Creation story . Both Jeremiah 4:23 and Isaiah 45:18 seem to support this, being the only other places where the Hebrew words for formless and void are found.

But you can’t use the Gap Theory to explain fossils of dinosaurs, etc. I believe this a case where science is incorrect in its dating. Nor does it justify a pre-Adamite race of human-like beings. The Bible is clear that Adam was the first man, and Paul said that sin and death entered the world through Adam (Romans 5:12) The fossil record was created in Noah’s flood.

By the way the description of Lucifer you attributed to Isaiah is actually found in Ezekiel 28:12-19. Isaiah 14:12-20 is the companion passage to this.