The Gap Theory One More Time


I have a question about the Gap Theory. You have stated that you do believe that there was a “gap” between Gen 1:1 and 1:2 but that you don’t believe dinosaurs or man inhabited earth during that time. My question is, if there was a “gap” then, could there possibly have been other creatures living before the Genesis creation? To me, this would not interfere with the literal 6 day creation. The only difference is my addition of creatures existing during the period before Genesis. I understand this is quite a difference but, again, is this possible?


According to the Bible in Genesis 1:1 God created the Earth and its atmosphere. In Genesis 1:2 something happened and the Earth become an uninhabitable ruin (formless and void), covered in darkness. There’s no way to tell how much time passed because time had not yet begun. In Genesis 1:3 God said “let there be light” and began the 6 day creation process with day 1. On day six he created the animals and man.

In Isaiah 45:19 God said He didn’t create the world formless, but made it to be inhabited, lending support to a judgment before Genesis 1:2. Job 38:7 says the angels, presumably including Satan, were there when God laid the foundations of Earth. In Genesis 3 Satan was present in the Garden, having already become God’s adversary. Since no mention of his rebellion was made after Genesis 1:3 it must have occurred before then.

This doesn’t leave any room for humans or animals to have occupied the Earth before Genesis 1:3 because the Earth was an uninhabitable ruin during that time. In addition the Bible makes no mention of animals or man before day 6. And when Paul said Adam was the first man (1 Cor. 15:45) he was quoting from Adam’s own testimony (Genesis 2:7).