The Gap Theory And The Speed Of Light


Thank you for a wonderful website. I especially like how your explanations are simple and direct, using scripture in its plain meaning. God indeed “means what he says and says what he means”.

My question is about the creation of the universe. Since you seem to believe in a “Gap theory” from your writings, such as the article “Honest to God”, I wonder if you have heard of the “decay of light speed theory” and its relationship to the age of the universe and creation? If correct, it seems to fit much better with the plain text reading of the creation account. No need to insert a “gap” between verse 2 and 3. Also the theory seems to answer many of the anomalies that we are seeing in the field of astronomy even today. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks again for your wonderful work!


Yes, I’ve read studies showing that the speed of light could have been much faster at the time of the Creation and has been steadily slowing down ever since. In fact, I’m given to understand that modern measurements seem to have confirmed this. If so, the age of the Earth could be much less than scientists have estimated, and the gap between Genesis 1:2 & 1:3 could be much shorter.

We still have the controversy surrounding the translation of verse two. Many, including myself, believe it should read, “But the earth became an uninhabitable ruin.” To me that rendering of the verse, along with supporting verses I included in the article, is the main reason to believe that a judgment occurred between the first two verses of Genesis requiring a gap of time to be inserted between verses 2 and 3.