Nations Or People?


When reading Jer 30: 4-11, but specifically part of verse 11 where the Lord says He will completely destroy all the nations, does that include the believers in those nations or does it mean maybe, that there won’t be any believers?


In Jeremiah 30:11 the Hebrew word translated “nations” can mean either people or places. But the context of the passage indicates it should be translated “places” because the Lord was talking about the different geographical locations in the world to which His people have been scattered. The political entities that govern these geographical locations will all be destroyed.

Also, from Matt: 25:31-46, the Sheep and Goat judgment, we know there will be a number of people, both believers and unbelievers, who will survive the Great Tribulation. After the Second Coming, the Lord will assign each person a destiny based on his or her belief, as evidenced by their treatment of the Lord’s brothers and sisters, the Jewish people.

This presents an interesting contrast because while the word “nations” is used in both cases, in Jeremiah 30 it refers to geographical locations, and in Matt. 25 the Lord has people in view.