New Jerusalem Or Heaven?


First I would like to thank you for Gracethrufaith. It has taught me a whole lot and thanks to it am growing more In Christ. May God continue to bless you. OK, here is my question, When the rapture takes place will we be in the New Jerusalem or will we be in Heaven?


I’ve come to believe the New Jerusalem is the place Jesus said he was going to prepare for us in His Father’s house. He also promised to come back for us to take us there (John 14:2-3). This is one of those hints of the rapture that we wouldn’t recognize if we didn’t already know about it. Then in Rev. 21:2 John told of seeing the New Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven.

So at the time of the rapture the New Jerusalem will be in Heaven, but at the 2nd Coming it will descend to a place in the vicinity of Earth where it will remain.