Post Resurrection Life


According to Rev 21:24-27, it appears there are two groups of humans mentioned, 1. The Kings of the Earth 2.The Nations of them that are saved. I have a theory that those of us who are saved will be given an assignment like Adam had to populate a planet and have dominion over it. Do you think God has prepared for each of as a similar assignment? After all, I can’t imagine that we will do nothing!

But if you see the pattern of our earthly lives and what its meant, it appears this ‘Earth University’ was to train us on how to run our own planet some day. I know its far fetched, but I don’t think its impossible. And at the appointed time, the nations bring their glory to the new Jerusalem to worship The Almighty! What do you think?


Rev. 21 is devoted to a description of New Jerusalem. Its dimensions (1600 miles square and 1600 miles tall) make it about 1/6th the size of Earth, far too big to be located on its surface. It’s probably something like a low orbit satellite or 2nd moon.

It will radiate light from the Presence of God to illuminate nearby Planet Earth for the people living there (v.23). The Kings of those people will bring tribute to the city to honor God (v.24) The redeemed Church will dwell there in peace and safety, as symbolized by the always open gates, but no one else can enter. All we’re told about our life is that we’ll rule and reign with the Lord. But having gone to so much effort to bless us, He’s not going to let us become bored.

The idea that we’ll each be given a planet to rule is not a new one. In fact it’s a central tenet of Mormon theology, which holds that our God was once a man who excelled in righteousness on another planet. As a reward, He was made a god and was given planet Earth to rule. Many Mormon men strive to live a life worthy of someday being made a god and receiving their own planet, too. There is no Biblical support for their position.

In fact, the Bible does not discuss the nature of our post resurrection life at all, in effect asking us to trust the Lord to make our post-Resurrection lives meaningful.