Problems In Europe


I was wondering what you think about what is happening in Europe right now. Europe might be splitting up into a smaller group, and countries might go back to their previous currencies (before the Euro). I know Europe has a big part to play in the end of times. What does the Bible say about the strength of Europe in the end of times?


Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of the poly-metallic statue in Daniel 2 represents the four world kingdoms known as Gentile Dominion. In Daniel 2:33 we’re told that the last kingdom, called the revived Roman Empire by some, would be like iron mixed with baked clay. Since both are hard objects that don’t adhere to each other, we’re to understand that this final Gentile kingdom will fall apart easily and have to be put back together. Observers of the EU have seen this happen several times already. There are sovereignty problems, economic problems, and religious problems that can’t be easily resolved.

The same is true of the Eastern leg of the old Roman Empire, where we see problems between the Arabs and non-Arabs, and between the various denominations of Islam.

But this kingdom is the last one before the Lord returns and will achieve at least the semblance of world dominance, so I expect that last minute rescues will continue to preserve it until God’s purpose has been achieved (Rev. 17:16-17).