Problems With Free Masonry


Every so often I come across a negative statement about Free Masonry. I have a very close Christian friend who is also a Speculative Mason. What is it about the Masons that causes (Religious?) people to be suspicious? hateful? distrustful? Am I reading too much into those negative comments? Thanks and God Bless, I look forward to your questions and answers daily, and I’m learning a lot.


When you dig into it, freemasonry actually teaches a works based salvation doctrine. It also makes no distinction between God, Allah or any other god when referring to the “Great Architect of the Universe.” And at the upper levels you’ll find hints of something called the Luciferian doctrine wherein Lucifer is portrayed as the angel of light trying to bring knowledge and spiritual advancement to the world but is being impeded by the evil Adonay. (Adonay is the Hebrew word for Lord.) So you can see why some Christians get upset about Free Masonry.