Psalm 82 And The Nephilim


I have thoroughly enjoyed your website and your wisdom but I think what I most appreciate is the personal spiritual grid from which that wisdom emanates. I agree with you about Psalm 83 being prophetic in nature. I was reading the chapter before it the other day and it would also appear to be very interesting. As spiritual forces and principalities begin to hold greater sway, do you think that God is referencing the work of fallen angels and possibly the Nephilim in the current state of affairs preceding this coming battle and the subsequent Tribulation?


Psalm 82 is a condemnation of unrighteous judges who for a price would issue a ruling favorable to their benefactor rather than in accordance with the Law. In verse 6 the Psalmist spoke of them being referred to as gods, and then called them “sons of the Most High”. This was a common practice of the time. The Hebrew phrase is different than the one for “sons of God” used to describe angels in Genesis and Job. This is made clear in verse 7 when he said they would die like mere men, like every other ruler.

Jesus used Psalm 82 in defense of calling Himself the Son of God (John 10:34-36). His point was that if their Scriptures called their judges “gods” then how could they accuse Him of blasphemy for saying the same thing about Himself.