Questions About The New Jerusalem


I have heard that once the 2nd coming and all judgments are completed, the New Jerusalem here on Earth will be the only habitat for the Jewish nation, which will be led by Christ. I was also told the Gentiles will be given supernatural bodies and we will have the ability to travel the universe at will, including making visits to the New Jerusalem, but not actually taking up residence there. What say you to this?


There will be a city in Israel called Jerusalem in the Kingdom Age, just like there is today (Zechariah 14:11). However, a careful analysis of the dimensions of the New Jerusalem will reveal that it’s simply too big to fit anywhere on Earth. Rev. 21:16 says it will be 1400 miles square and 1400 miles tall. That’s much bigger than all of Israel and would reach well beyond the upper limits of Earth’s atmosphere.

Since Rev. 21:24 says the New Jerusalem will be the source of light for the Earth, it will have to be located somewhere in the vicinity of Earth but not on it. Also, according to Rev. 21:27, only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life will live in the New Jerusalem. Most scholars agree that means it will be the exclusive home of the Church.

All resurrected believers will receive supernatural bodies, whether Jew or Gentile.