Responding To An Unbeliever


I was discussing the meaning of Matthew 15:24 with a co-worker today and he said that my Bible (the New King James Version) cannot possibly be God’s Word because God didn’t write the Bible in English, that the Hebrew vocabulary was so limited back in the day that the words didn’t exist to say what the passage says, that it’s impossible to accurately translate what may have been said into the proper context, and that whatever oral stories may have been handed down, that they were embellished along the way.

We then went onto the topic of Daniel 9:24-27. When I told him that the first 483 years were fulfilled to the day, he started on me about how they didn’t even have a Jewish calendar back when Daniel made the prophecy. They didn’t know what a year was.

He also said that dinosaurs and the Genesis account of creation are mutually exclusive, which is why we cannot take the Bible literally because science has already proven that dinosaurs existed. He also wanted to know how, if the theory of evolution is to be excluded, Noah could put billions of species of animals etc. on an ark that was only the size of a football field? Because, he says, we have billions of different kinds of species of living things and they would have all had to fit on that ark.

Will you please help me with these questions?


I assume you’re not asking me this because you think there may be some truth to what this person is saying. The fact is, there are no rational responses to these opinions because they aren’t based in fact. They are fabrications that your friend has chosen to believe to avoid the truth. Even though with a little research you can easily expose them as being ridiculous, it won’t change anything.

For instance, the existence of complex written languages in the time before the flood has been verified. And a copy of the Book of Isaiah was found among the Dead Sea scrolls. It was 900 years older than the oldest copy previously discovered, and yet varied by only a few words, none of which altered the book’s meaning. A few minutes of legitimate research on line will confirm that your Bible’s consistency with original texts exceeds every other ancient text and is beyond question.

The Old and New Testaments are the most thoroughly documented and verified works in existence. Daniel’s prophecy was authenticated by no less an authority than the London Royal Observatory over a century ago.

I don’t know of anyone who doubts the existence of Dinosaurs. A simple study that anyone can perform will show that the Ark was 450 feet long (1 1/2 times the length of a football field). At 75 feet wide each of the ark’s decks contained 33,750 square feet of floor space. Since the ark was 45 feet tall there was over 1.5 million cubic feet of space under its roof, equivalent to a train with 500 boxcars. According to zoological studies, of the 1.8 million (not billion) named species on Earth today, there are 1,000 species of amphibians, 6,000 reptiles, 9,000 birds, 15,000 species of mammals, and 20,000 of fish (who don’t count). The rest are insects. The average size of all the animals is equivalent to a sheep. Shippers load 250 sheep per boxcar. At 2 per specie the ark would easily have accommodated the number that would be required today, and in Noah’s day there were far fewer species.

But none of this information will do you any good, because had this person wanted the truth, he could have easily discovered it on his own. Instead He has chosen to believe a lie.

Remember, it’s not possible to debate or persuade or “sell” someone into the Kingdom. As Christians, we present the gospel, and then pray for those who hear it. Since only the Holy Spirit can convert someone, Anything more on our part is “casting our pearls before swine.”