Seeking A Ministry Opportunity


I Love your site, it’s been a real blessing in my walk with the Lord. Quick question, I feel the Lord has called me into the ministry but I don’t believe it’s into a normal pastor of a church kind of thing. Truth is, I don’t have the slightest idea what it would be otherwise. Just trying to knock on doors as the Spirit urges. Could you point me in any sort of direction where I could start to find out what other kinds of ministries are out there that the Lord might be calling me into?


Para church ministries are usually begun at the prompting of the Holy Spirit and there are many different kinds. If He hasn’t given you a specific vision for ministry, the best advice I can offer is to look around your area for a place where it’s obvious that He’s working and ask the people there to let you help them. If you don’t find anything, come to Mexico. There’s plenty to do here.