Seeking My Gift


I have a spiritual gifts question for you this time. I know I have a gift of listening but is that a spiritual gift or just a natural gift? Also sometimes people will come up to me for no reason and start venting. Does that sound like anything to you? I was just wondering. I’ve taken numerous gifts tests and stuff like that but they don’t really seem to accomplish much. I just wanted to get your opinion that’s all. Thanks in advance and God bless.


Listening is not a gift per se because it’s a skill everyone has. It’s how you listen and what happens when you listen that matters. If listening leads to you giving encouragement, your gift could be exhortation. (Rom. 12:8) If it results in the Lord giving you a message for the speaker, maybe it’s knowledge (1 Cor 12:8). If it’s to express sympathy, it may be mercy (Rom. 12:8) Etc.

Do some self-observation to see if any of this fits. Everyone has at least 1 gift, and it’s exciting when you discover yours.