Should I Marry Before The Rapture?


I am currently in a long distance relationship with a girl. The Bible says a woman and a man who are married become one in God’s eyes. If the Rapture happens before I marry this girl, how will we be before the Lord? I wish I could marry this girl right now and I can only hope and pray the lord will allow that to happen before the Rapture which I believe like you is coming very soon. Will we be joined in the Lord’s eyes if not married when the rapture comes?


According to Matt. 22:30, there will be no marriage in Heaven. Once the rapture takes us our relationships will be different, but the Bible doesn’t contain any descriptions that could help us understand how. Marriage is, therefore, an Earthly relationship, so if you want to experience it you’ll have to get married before the rapture.

That said, if you don’t get married before the rapture, once you get to heaven you’ll never regret the fact that you didn’t.