Should She Have An Abortion?


I have a very serious question. My daughter who is a new christian, just found out that she is expecting. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about a year and a half ago at the time of her youngest daughter’s birth. The doctors are telling her that because of her heart problem, there is a very likely chance that she will not live through this pregnancy and delivery. They also said that all the medication she has to take for her heart will effect the baby, birth defects, maybe retardation. They are suggesting that she have an abortion. They even went so far as to say that they wouldn’t treat her locally, she will have to see specialists if she decides to not to abort.

She has three small daughters already, who love and depend on her. We are just so torn over this. She does not believe in abortion and feels as though God would never forgive her, but she is also very fearful of not being here for the daughters she loves so dearly. I just don’t know what to say to comfort her. I belive that the Lord is always in control, and that he will never give us more than we can handle. I have also been apart of a church that prayed for a miracle of this kind, and it did not turn out the way the church was praying for it to. I do not want to lose my daughter. What are your thoughts on this subject?


It doesn’t sound like the Lord to put someone in such an untenable situation, so my question to you is, who made the decision for your daughter to get pregnant? She has known about her medical condition for over a year. If she and her husband were taking every precaution, but became pregnant in spite of their best efforts then it would be reasonable to believe that the Lord has a miracle in store for them. But if that’s not the case and they became pregnant either by choice or as a result of poor judgment, then it’s a different matter and they’re facing some very serious consequences.

The decision to have an abortion or not is one only your daughter can make. But if she has one, recognizes that it’s a sin, and sincerely asks God’s forgiveness, then He will immediately forgive her since His death has already paid for all the sins of her life.