Should They Leave?


Thank you for your insight that must be God-given. My parents were instrumental in my spiritual growth, and are very knowledgeable. However, they belong to a church that doesn’t recognize Israel’s rebirth as prophecy fulfilled, don’t believe OSAS, the bodily resurrection, the rapture…I could go on. They (my parents), however, do believe these things. When asked why they stay in that church, they say, “there are many people within that church that believe as we.” I believe that they remain because they’ve gone there for so many years. Should they leave that church for one that adheres more closely to scripture? Thank you.


While your parents would obviously be better fed in a Bible teaching church, they’ve apparently gotten the message, and many of their friends have as well. It sounds like they stay where they are for the fellowship. Instead of trying to persuade them to leave, why not help them by providing good Bible teaching for them from other sources, like Internet articles, books, and such. Who knows, maybe the exposure to good teaching will encourage them to do on their own, that which they’re resisting from you.