Should We Pray Through Mary?


We currently are studying Revelation in our small group and we were in chapters 2-3. A couple of ex-Catholics talked about still holding Mary in high esteem, not praying to her, but praying to God through Mary. One of them used the miracle written by John about turning water into wine as Jesus doing what his Mother asked him to do, to justify this. Could you comment on this event in regards to this miracle?


Although Jesus did solve the wine problem out of consideration for His mother (John 2:1-11), this doesn’t suffice as a model of Marian intercession. In fact there’s no support for using Mary this way anywhere in Scripture. If she was meant to be an intercessor, Jesus would have told us so and the Apostles would have practiced this in the early Church. But they didn’t. If you’re looking for the identity of man’s intercessor with God look in Romans 8:34 where Paul says it’s Jesus. And in 1 Tim. 2:5 Paul said He’s the only one. I think you’ve got a case of someone taking a single verse out of context to make it say something it wasn’t meant to say.