Sprinkling The Nations


As I understand, the sprinkling of blood around the temple altar by the old testament priests was a ceremonial preparation for the cleansing of the hearts of all people who would accept Jesus’ sacrifice (a future occurrence) ending the necessity for future sprinkling. (Heb 9:13 & 14).

Jesus did command us to”go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. May I please ask if the verses in the Old Testament (IE: Isaiah 52:15) mentioning “sprinkling of many nations has any direct relationship to his command to baptize. and is the temple sprinkling of blood and water baptism for the same purpose? Also is baptism by sprinkling an acceptable practice?


The sprinkling of nations mentioned in Isaiah 52:15 has to do with blood, not water. It was a prophecy of the beating the Lord took in advance of His crucifixion. As the whip cut into His skin it caused His blood to splatter on everyone around. I would not be surprised to learn that each nation was represented in the soldiers and officials who administered it, in fulfillment of this prophecy.

Isaiah 52:14 says that this beating was so severe that when they were finished you could no longer tell He was a human being. According to medical opinion, there was neither skin nor muscle left on the Lord’s back when they were done, and His rib cage was visible.

Baptism is another matter. There, going under the water symbolizes the death of the old sinful person and coming back up the resurrection into a new and righteous life. This practice was borrowed from the Jews who took a ritual immersion bath to purify themselves before Holy Days and other special events in their lives. There is no mention in the New Testament of baptism by sprinkling, although many churches practice it today.