The State Of The Church


We hear of movements of the Spirit in Middle Eastern and Asian countries (albeit often underground) but we don’t seem to hear of these things in Europe.
Since it seems as if we are following Europe’s lead, and will likely arrive at the same destination, do you foresee a somewhat underground movement (perhaps driven by apathy instead of persecution) of the Holy Spirit in America before the rapture and is there one in Europe now that is not being talked about much?


Personally I believe the Holy Spirit is active in the East for a “last call” before the rapture. I see the time for the Western Church as having ended. The true Church will continue to lose ground while the apostate church has its day. In Rev. 3 Jesus characterized the church in Philadelphia (evangelicals) as having little strength (Rev. 3:8), while the Church in Laodicea (apostates) is seen as rich and in need of nothing (Rev. 3:17), except for a Savior, that is.

Persecution is what drives a movement underground, because the powers that be are afraid of it. I don’t believe there’s any significant underground Christian movement in Europe because by and large no one is afraid of the Church there. It has simply become irrelevant. Whether this will happen in America remains to be seen.

On the other hand, Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. This is because Satan knows His defeat will come after Israel petitions the Lord to return (Hosea 5:15 -6:3). His only hope is to destroy Israel before that can happen.