Still More On Blood Moons


I know you have written that you do not think there is any correlation between activities in Israel, the Bible and the moon and sun eclipses. but I do not call it “ironic” that there were eclipses in 1493, a year after America was discovered and the Jews persecuted in Spain; during the 1948 period Israel became a nation again; and then again in ’67-’68 during Israel’s six-day war, a war fraught with miracles. NASA has said these blood moons and total eclipses of the sun have only occurred three times during the past 500 years, as I’ve noted above, and every time Israel has been affected.


In the past 2000 years there have been seven tetrads that coincided with Passover and Tabernacles. Four of them happened at times that were not significant to Israel. The one in 1493 began a year after the Jews were expelled from Spain. The one in 1949 happened a year after Israel became a nation again and was not visible in Israel. The one in 1967 began at the time of the 6 day war but of the four eclipses only the last one was visible in Israel. And the same is true of the current series. Only the last one will be visible in Israel.

To me these don’t meet the qualifications as heavenly signs to Israel. And frankly no one thought of them as such until just recently. Also, when the Bible speaks of the moon turning to blood, it is not referring to a lunar eclipse because the Sun will be dark at the same time (Joel 2:30-31, Acts 2:20, Rev. 6:12). Without light from the Sun the Moon cannot project any light of any color, so these references have to be pointing to a supernatural event.