Syria Versus Israel


With all the talk about summer war with Israel and now the time table been moved to November could it be said that an attack by Syria or one of its proxies will be the cause of a terminal attack against the Syrian Capital? Especially if WMD are used against the House of Israel?

Is this the battle that happens around or just before the Trib?


Syria has apparently postponed the beginning of hostilities against Israel until November. They’ve also said that when it happens it will likely involve terrorist activity against civilian and military targets in the Golan rather than conventional warfare. If this should escalate into open attacks using Syrian missiles equipped with chemical weapons against Israeli cities, Syria believes that Israel will respond with a nuclear retaliation against Damascus. Apparently they’re trying to avoid that, at least for now, although they are preparing for the possibility.

It’s impossible to even guess at a time frame, but I believe it’s likely to precede Ezekiel 38 since Syria isn’t mentioned there. If so that would place it before the Rapture.