War With Syria?


We have been watching with great interest the developments in the Mid East this past week in connection with Israeli intrusion into Syrian airspace. Do you think this intrusion might lead to war? We would appreciate it if you could write an article on Isa. 17 and Damascus in view of all the things that are happening in the Mid East. I know you wrote an article in the fall of 2006 regarding this, but a lot has happened since then. Please give us a new perspective on what you feel Isa.17 means as of today. Do you think the destruction of Damascus is in the immediate future?


Yes I believe that sooner or later the current situation will deteriorate into war. Whether Syria was caught trans-shipping arms from Iran to Hezbollah again, or building some kind of nuclear facility with North Korea, it had to be a major event to provoke that kind of response from Israel.

Syria has been looking for just such a provocation to justify attacking Israel this fall and this might be it. If so the likely result will be the destruction of Damascus. I’ll look at my Isaiah 17 study and see if it needs updating.