More On Taking “The Mark”


I receive emails that say that in America the religious and non-religious will be micro chipped within the next three years. This could include information for fitness, medical, banking, no cash payments, etc. Is this something that involves “the Mark of the beast”? Or does the “Mark”, as quoted in the Bible, have to include rejecting Christ and the Bible? With all the new technology out there, what is your view on being micro-chipped for anything?


According to Rev. 13:16-17 the mark to be required of everyone at the beginning of the Great Tribulation will contain either the name of the anti-Christ or the numerical equivalent of his name, and will be a declaration of loyalty to him. Those who don’t have the mark will not be allowed to participate in business or commerce of any sort. Those who refuse to take the mark will be killed.

In order for what you’ve heard about being chipped within three years to fit this description we would already have to be in the first half of Daniel’s week aka the tribulation period, the seal judgments of Rev. 6 would already be happening, and the Church would be gone. As of today, that’s not the case.

Personally, I would be reluctant to be “chipped” for any reason.