Taking The Mark For Eternal Life?


In Genesis the devil tells Eve the lie that she will not die. In Revelation during the tribulation men will desire death but will not be able to die. I read somewhere that this might have something to do with taking the mark of the beast, a temporary inability to die. Something the devil might offer to get people to take the mark, everlasting life, just to discover the horror of another of his lies. I know it is speculation but the thought came up as well as the idea to ask your opinion. What do you think?


I’ve heard this before, but I don’t buy it, and here’s why. The passage about men seeking death and not finding it is in Rev. 9:6. But the Mark of the beast is not introduced until Rev. 13:16-17. Since I believe the Revelation should be read chronologically unless there’s an indication to do otherwise, it appears the locust plague will be over and done with well before the command to take the mark is issued.