Taking The Mark?


I’ve just read an article concerning putting in ID chips in some populations; maybe the U.S. Government will ‘chip’ all enlisted personnel. They are considering it now is what I read. Ontario is thinking of ‘chipping’ babies. I could give other examples but you see what I mean. To me this is very close to putting in The Mark! I just need to be very sure. We won’t be around when this is done by the Anti Christ, right? Sorry, but I’m feeling more then a little panic when I read an article like this.


You can’t suffer the penalty that comes with taking the mark Rev. 14:9 by doing so unknowingly because it involves a public declaration of loyalty to the anti-Christ. Aside from the facts that the anti-Christ hasn’t come yet and Church will be gone before he arrives, no one can be marked and destined for hell against his or her wishes. Granted, the penalties for non-compliance are pretty extreme, but people will have a choice.