More On Taking The Mark


I just read that by 2017 , our current administration has plans for each person in the United Stated to receive a microchip. I realize this is just speculation, but if we were to actually take the chip, would we be in jeopardy of losing our salvation even though the antichrist is not yet on the scene? I love your website and read it every day. Thank you for all you do for us.


Taking the mark will be part of a pledge of loyalty to the anti-Christ. In order to make such a pledge, a person will have to be aware of doing so. People can’t accidentally take the mark, nor can they do it in ignorance of the consequences. Rev. 14:9 tells us an angel will warn the world in advance about the consequences of taking the mark. Also the administration of the mark will not begin until the anti-Christ is officially on the scene. It will not be the after-the-fact conversion of something previously meant for one purpose into something meant for another purpose altogether, because that would nullify its purpose as a loyalty pledge. In other words it won’t have retro-active consequences.