The Temple In Heaven


Rev. 15 mentions a temple in heaven, and I am not clear on this. It is my understanding that it is there that God resides on his throne. Is there an actual temple or is heaven a template of a temple? Also, I understand that the temple contains an Ark of the Covenant. I look forward to your comments on this chapter.



Rev. 15 is the introduction to the Bowl Judgments, the seven last judgments that will bring the time of God’s wrath, which will have begun in Rev. 6, to a completion.

The temple in Heaven is mentioned 8 times in the Book of Revelation between Rev. 11:19 and Rev. 16:17. It’s where God’s Throne is located. And according to Rev. 11:19, there is an ark in that temple.

Combining John 20:17 and Hebrews 9:11-12, it appears the Lord went into the Temple in Heaven on Resurrection morning and, acting as our High Priest, sprinkled His blood on the altar there.

The Tabernacle and Temples on Earth were copies of the Temple in Heaven.