The Bible Codes


I read several books written on the subject of the Bible codes. One book explains the phenomenon from the secular stand point, several – from Christian, and one – from Jewish. All these books use the so called ELS (equal length sequencing) method. The Jewish source clams that in the book of Deuteronomy where Torah talks about idols, ELS method reveals the names of Mohamed (Islam) and Yesha (or Yeshua – Jesus). And the word “false” is found next to the word Yesha 3 times. Yet, in the book “Yeshua is my name” written by a Jewish writer who became a Christian, it says that in Isaiah 53, ELS methods reveals the phrase “My name is Yeshua” to identify the “suffering servant” with Jesus. I’m confused. As a statistician I understand how improbable the coincidences are. What is your take on all that. Do you think that the method is reliable? If so, how do you explain the “False Yesha” message.


One of the most frequent complaints about the ELS method on which Bible codes are based is that with enough manipulation you can get it to say about anything you want.

I don’t doubt that a Jewish source would claim that Jesus is not the Messiah, but I don’t trust such a conclusion because it goes against the clear text of the Lord’s own words, and God’s word cannot contradict itself and still be God’s word.

In order to find something using ELS you already have to know what you’re looking for, and because of that it’s too easy to manipulate the result. I think the method is probably sound, but is sometimes misused by dishonest men.