The Coming Blood Moons. Follow Up


I had a question regarding the events and blood moons. Did you take into consideration that under the Jewish calendar the year 1949 would have still been 1948 for Jews? For instance, I know that the year 2012 doesn’t end under the Jewish calendar until this Sept. 2013.


Years on the Jewish calendar don’t correspond to years on the western calendar with their beginning and end being the only exception. The current year in Israel is 5773 which began on Sept. 17, 2012 and will end on Sept 4, 2013.

But no matter which calendar you choose, the first eclipse of the 1949-50 tetrad appeared almost a year after Israel’s recognition as an independent nation. As it happens Israel’s birth in May 1948 was the month of Iyyar in the year 5708 on the Hebrew calendar and Passover 1949 when the first eclipse took place was the month of Nisan in the year 5709.