The Disciples, The Thief, And The Baptism


When did the disciples get baptized and invested with the Holy Spirit? And if I am right I believe that the robber who confessed on the cross to the Lord was neither baptized nor invested with the Holy Spirit and yet he was saved. Is that correct?


Although there are lots of assumptions and circumstantial claims concerning this matter (mostly from those who believe baptism is required for salvation) there’s nothing in the Biblical record to tell us if or when the 12 disciples were baptized. But the Bible does say 10 of the surviving 11 received the Holy Spirit on the night of the Lord’s resurrection (John 20:22). Thomas, who was absent, most likely received the Holy Spirit the following week upon his confession of belief (John 20:28-29).

The thief on the cross was not baptized nor do the scriptures say he received the Holy Spirit and yet, as you say, he was saved and went to paradise with Jesus following his death (Luke 23:43).