More On Coming Like A Thief


I saw your post on the 4 scriptures concerning the “thief in the night” and how that phrase doesn’t refer to the rapture but the 2nd Coming. I was wondering how that works out for Rev. 3:3. If this reference is written for the church and the church doesn’t experience the 2nd coming, why here is the Lord threatening some of the church with having to go through the tribulation, according to your post?



Rev. 3:1-6 was written for The Church as a whole, but it was written specifically to a church in Sardis that contained some who were believers and many others who were not. We know this because the Lord accused them of being spiritually dead, and said if they didn’t wake up they wouldn’t know what time He was coming to them. He didn’t say coming for them, as He will do in the rapture, but coming to them, as He will do at the 2nd Coming. Therefore they are in danger of being left behind at the rapture.

But He said there are a few who are dressed in white (righteous) and they will walk with Him, again hinting that the others won’t. He finished by saying those who overcome their doubts and walk by faith will also walk with Him and He will never blot their names out of the Book of Life.

From the symbolism of this letter I believe it was written to the liberal denominations of today, warning them of His statement in John 3:3 that unless they become born again they will not see the Kingdom of God.