Like A Thief In The Night


I was wondering about your article Confirming the Sequence of End Times, I understand the rapture has to happen before the Ezekiel battle, but does it happen before the Psalm 83 battle or in between it and the Ezekiel battle?

And I know this is totally off the wall, but is it the rapture or his second coming that is akin to a Jewish wedding? Where he comes at night to surprise his bride? If he comes at night, which night: Jerusalem’s night or somewhere else in the world?


I think it’s likely that we’ll still be here for the Psalm 83 battle but no one knows for sure.

The Jewish wedding customs model the rapture. After all we are the bride. And the phrase “like a thief in the night” doesn’t mean He’ll necessarily come at night time, but suddenly, stealthily, without warning, like a thief would. Besides, no matter what time He comes for us it can’t be night time everywhere in the world.