The Incarnate God And Human DNA


If and it is so that Yeshua is God manifest in the flesh, then does it not mean that He is, was and always shall be God? One of your commentaries on Christmas says He was only God at conception, and that is misleading.

In His pre-incarnate state He visited people throughout the Tanakh, and when He chose to be revealed as God manifest in the flesh as Yeshua, that was at conception and He does not have any human DNA because as Hebrews points out, a special body was prepared for Him ahead of time to fulfill Abba’s will.


As you indicated I wrote the following in my Christmas comentary. “He didn’t become the Incarnate God somewhere along the path of His life, or even when He emerged from Mary’s womb. He had been such from the moment of conception.”

I didn’t say He became God at the moment of conception, I said He became the Incarnate God then. Big difference.

But if He doesn’t have any human DNA how did He become a man to save mankind? (Hebrews 2:14-17) Didn’t the Holy Spirit supernaturally fertilize Mary’s egg? How else could He be Adam’s next of Kin, a descendant of David’s and heir to his throne? Where in Hebrews did you find this? Either someone has misled you or else we all have a problem of eternal significance.