Could I Have Nephilim DNA?


Thank you so much for your dedication to allowing God to use you to help so many others. This site has been a daily blessing to me for many months, and now to my family because of the insights I have gained from using your site as a study tool. I have searched your site for weeks looking for this , and as so many others already have, I apologize if I am asking an already-answered question.

My question is to resolve a debate between myself and another Bible studier. Could any of us be unknowingly walking around with Nephilim DNA and not know it? I don’t think so, but my friend disagrees…she is actually convinced that physically attractive, tall, well-built, intelligent people could be descendants of Nephilim. She has even suggested that my soon-to-be husband and myself are probably descended from Nephilim! Needless to say, this really freaks me out! I don’t want to worry that I have Nephilim DNA, or that my future husband may (we are both tall and athletically built and he is a handsome and mechanically brilliant man). Please, any insight at all would be tremendously helpful. I love my Jesus with all my heart and can’t bear the thought of being separated from God in eternity due to genetic circumstances beyond my control.


There is no Biblical basis for your friend’s opinion. In the first place, her description of possible nephilim could apply to a large percentage of the population. In the 2nd place no Nephilim could express such a love for the Lord as you have. And most importantly, how could God place in your heart the desire to become one of His and then disqualify you on a technicality you couldn’t help or even know of. It would be a violation of Matt. 7:7-8 “Everyone who asks receives, etc.”, Romans 10:13 “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”, John 3:16, and about a dozen other promises I can think of.