The Lost Tribes Of Israel


I just found this web site yesterday and was impressed with what I read. I will probably be asking several questions from time to time.

One question I have now concerns Ezekiel Chapter 37. In your opinion, what people is God talking about? Is he talking about all 12 tribes or is he just talking about Judah? If this prophecy is concerning all 12 tribes, where are they now? From the information I have read, the missing twelve tribes are all over the world. Some of Israel’s enemies today could be some of those tribes. The USA probably was founded by descendants of the missing tribes.

This is very confusing. Thanks in advance for your insights.


You’re of course referring to the vision of the dry bones, a prophecy of the modern-day regathering of Israel. Ezekiel 37:11 says “These bones are the whole house of Israel.” That means representatives of all 12 tribes were brought to Israel from the concentration camps of Europe following WW2.

The legend of the lost 10 tribes is inconsistent with Scripture, as is the view that Jeremiah brought survivors of the Babylonian captivity to Great Britain and founded the British Royal family there as the caretakers of the Throne of David.

Before the defeat of the northern Kingdom, the faithful of the 10 tribes that lived there migrated south to join their brothers in Judah, called Judea in the Lord’s day. (2 Chron. 11:16)

Only about 45% of the Jews alive today live in Israel. An equal number live in the US, leaving about 10% scattered through out the world. Of those who live in America, a few arrived as early as 1654, but the vast majority didn’t come until the late 1800’s. Since Israel’s enemies are united by their religion (Islam) it’s doubtful that any Jews are enemies of Israel.