The Millennial Shekel


My friends and I recently watched a documentary that outlined the foretold biblical prophecies both fulfilled and to be fulfilled. One of the prophecies was the reinstatement of the shekel based on Ezekiel 45:9-12. Israel has already reinstated the shekel, but this verse seems unclear to me as to how this is a prophetic claim. Can you clarify?


I agree. It’s not really a prophecy about the shekel. From time to time in their history, the Israelites had used dishonest scales to defraud the unsuspecting. Ezekiel 45:9-12 is a Millennial passage showing that the Lord will establish the value of certain measures, including the shekel, and require His people to abide by them. From this passage, we can see that the important thing is not that the shekel will be used in the Millennium, but that the Lord will require honest practices in His Kingdom.