The Nephilim


I have a question regarding the Nephilim. I have been reading about Nephilim lately and I wonder why you feel so strongly that these were a byproduct of fallen angels and humans? I think if you better examine the grammar, you may come to a different conclusion. I don’t know what to think.

I found this article (a composite from several well known theologians) that contradicts your viewpoint, and I just wonder if you have considered this interpretation.


I’ve spent years studying Genesis 6 and have read all the differing views including the so-called “Sethite Theory” that you pointed me to.

The Sethite Theory, that the sons of God refers to males of the faithful line of Seth and the daughters of men refers to women of the rebellious line of Cain, emerged in the 5th century AD when explaining the originally held angel view of Genesis 6 had become an embarrassment. Angel worship and the desirability of celibacy had become popular in the church and even prominent leaders like Augustine latched onto the Sethite view. It has remained popular in the Church primarily because it’s much less disturbing to our sensibilities than the original angel view.

I’ve looked at every word in the Hebrew and in the English and stand by my view. I know it’s a difficult thing to imagine happening, but I’m persuaded that a bunch of angels disobeyed God, took on human form and married human women. Their hybrid children had incredible abilities and are memorialized in pagan mythologies, and they had just about taken over the world when God brought the Great Flood to wipe them out. They returned again after the flood and that time God had the Israelites, the Edomites, and the Ammonites destroy them. Many believe that they’ll try once more to take over the world during the time of the Great Tribulation.